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On Location 

We can do your Killer Special Effects, Grooming, Natural, Keep the Shine Off, Aging, Time Period Styling, Documentary, Special Event, Video Shoot, Glam, Production, or Film!  We can also review products and set you up with one of our trained Beauty influencers.

We have the tools and the skills and the talent.

You name it!  We can do it!

Film Set

Gore Sure!

BV Images - 2022-01-15T231720.405.png
Sol Special Effects.jpeg


- We can do the scariest of looks! Mind Blowing Special effects.

Cuts, wombs. bullet holes, mummy, monster, aging, gangrene.





Our artists are trained in Special Effects and travel to your shooting location in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We also have a passport and will travel!

Click the link for a quote!


BV Images - 2022-01-15T231720.405.png


- All hair types and skin tones are welcome.

-We bring everything, even the lighting to

insure the perfect picture.


Tell us the details and what you need to be done, we will deliver.

Photo Shoot

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To go to the next level?

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Copy of Product and Collection Templates (9).png
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