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The JoAnn Solomon Beauty Group is a Full-service beauty company Servicing greater New York, New Jersey, CT, and all over the world. Our group is a diverse team of hair and makeup professionals consisting of some of the best artists in the beauty industry. 

We work with all skin tones, hair types, and ethnicities. Our kits range in shade. We use top-of-the-line, professional-grade, and luxury products. From superstar film production to special events we do it all. We are innovators.


Our team offers an abundance of Makeup and Hair services, including, but not limited to; Special Effects, Wig Styling, Natural Makeup,  Time Period Makeup, Glamourous  Makeup, Grooming, and much more. We offer highly skilled artists for production, photo shoots, consulting services, influencer marketing, creative direction, and a truly unique experience. We also offer support for larger events as well as, private home appointments. The sky is the limit! We do it all.

Our professional team of artists is background-checked, vaccinated, and routinely covid tested to ensure the health of

our clients. They also have great vibes! Positive energy is mandatory!  Let us connect with you for your next project or event to be an incredible success! 

Okay, I want in!

Responsive Professionals

Media Trained Talent

Diversity and Inclusion



The JoAnn Solomon Beauty Group was created in 2020 after noticing a gap in the beauty market in diversity and inclusion.

Founded by senior, celebrity makeup & Hair artist JoAnn Solomon. 

Using her styling techniques and strategies the artists are up to date with all of the latest techniques in beauty.

Clients deferred to JoAnn for similar artists, for upcoming projects, noticing her calm energy and proactive nature. it was then, the JoAnn Solomon Beauty Group was born.   A team curated with a versatile group that consists of responsive professionals who cater to all skin tones and hair types, styles, and genres alike. 


The result? An energetic and passionate with the experience to strive for great results, in both calm and high-stress environments, alike. We thrive under pressure and can maintain a steady workflow even in the craziest workspace. For us, work can take place anywhere and everywhere!

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Serena Williams & Cast 
  Wilson Sport

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Recent Commercial Works  


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to experience  our Team?

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